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The Micra ecommerce site was optimized to be viewed on monitors with at least 800x600 resolution. If your window is fully expanded but you cannot see the entire page without scrolling horizontally, your monitor is less than 800x600  please contact us and we will send you our printed catalog.

You do not have to register to order your Micra products online, but registering has several advantages. After we have processed your registration, you will be able order our entire line of MICRA Quality Surgical Instruments from your computer without ever having to re-enter your shipping and billing information. (For security purposes, we ask that you to re-enter your credit card information.)

We'll send you an email (usually within 24 hours) confirming your registration and let you know at that time whether you are eligible for a discount. If you are eligible, your discount will be calculated when you choose "check out."

If you place an order before we are able to process your registration form, your discount will be reflected in the order confirmation email we send after every order received.

This site contains detailed illustrations of Micra's Quality Surgical Instruments. To view a category, click your mouse button on the "CHOOSE A PRODUCT" pulldown menu--a list of products will appear. Click on the item you would like to see and you will automatically be directed there.

Some sections contain multiple sections of instruments. These sections have a second pulldown menu. Choose the type of instrument you are looking for within that product section and you will automatically be directed to that section of the page or alternatively you can just scroll down the page.

Many of our instruments are available in a variety of tip and handle options. These pages are layed out in a table-like structure: the tips are displayed across the top of the page, while the handle options are listed vertically on the left side. The product number for each instrument is located at the intersection of the tip and handle.

To order an item, click on the product number of the instrument you want. A window will appear in front of the catalog page with:

  1. A remove button to remove the item if you change you mind and don't want the item
  2. A product code of the instrument you chose
  3. A description of the instrument
  4. The quantity you would like to purchase.  By default this is always "1".  To change the quantity simply place your cursor in the quantity box, change the quantity and click on the update button
  5. The price per unit, and
  6. The total amount of the quantity you selected times the price per unit.
  7. The total for the order will appear below the line items highlighted in blue  

The default quantity is "1." If you would like to order more than one of a particular item, click on the "1" and enter the quantity you would like. The new cost will appear in the "Total" column.

When you are finished ordering, click on the "Checkout Now" button under the order screen or you may also click on the link on the top right hand of the screen.  To continue the ordering process, or "Return to Catalog" to continue browsing, click on the "Continue Shopping" button at the bottom of the order screen. 

To remove an item from your shopping cart simply click the remove button to the left of the item you would like to remove. 

When you choose "Checkout Now" from the basket window, you will be directed to a login screen.  You can either login to your account or click on the "Place Order Without Account" link.  From here the following steps will occur in the processing of your order:

  1. You will be directed to a "Micra Customer Information" page.  Here you will be able to review your order and your subtotal, which will include the discount, if any, you are eligible for. Below the order review area will be an area to enter your shipping and billing address information.  If you have logged in to your account this information will automatically appear.  If you choose to "Place Order without Account" this information will need to be completed before proceeding with checkout.  It is important to make sure that if you plan on paying with credit card that the address in the "Bill To" section is the address where your credit card bills are sent.
  2. When completed press the "Continue" button.
  3. You will be directed to the "Micra Shipping and Payment Info" page.  Here you will select how you would like your order to ship.  You are able to select from various shipping levels of UPS and USPS.  Here you will also select the method of payment you would like to use.  You are able to select from Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Check Payment.  If you select check payment we will need to receive and process your check payment before shipping product. 
  4. When completed press the "Continue" button.
  5. You will be directed to the "Micra Payment Information" page.  This is your final chance to confirm your information before your order is processed.  You will be asked to enter your actual payment information.  If you selected a credit card on the previous screen you will be asked to enter the name as it appears on your credit card along with the actual credit card number and expiration date.  Please note that Micra Instruments uses RSA encryption and that this checkout process in 100% secure.  If you selected check payment on the previous screen you will be asked to enter a check number. Please note that if you select check payment we will need to receive and process your check payment before shipping the product.  If you would like to process your order via Purchase Order and pay for your product on standard terms type your purchase order in the Check Number section as follows PO# followed by your purchase order number.  If you don't already have an account a customer service representative will contact you regarding setting up an official account and going about credit authorization.  
  6. When completed press the "Continue" button. 
  7. Your Order is now complete, processed and will ship within the next 24 hours.  It is important that you print this page for your records. 

Micra USA uses RSA encryption, a technology which protects your sensitive communications over the Internet (such as a credit card number, personal information, etc.) by transforming the data into an unreadable, encrypted format. The information you provide Micra USA will not be sold or used for any other purpose other than the ordering and shipping of product from this web site.

Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, materials and workmanship. There is a 14 day return policy on new, unopened items. All returns must be authorized.


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