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Wire speculum
with 13.5mm long blades.
Lieberman Speculum
V-Wire with 14.5mm long blades, designed to help the surgeon and retain the drape under the eyelids.
Kratz Barraquer
with 13.5mm long blades for uobstructed access to cataract incision with phaco or I/A tip.
Lieberman Speculum
K-Wire with 14.5mm long blades, featuring Kratz style open wire blades for unobstructed access to the cataract incision.
Barraquer Solid Speculum with 14.5mm long blades.
Machat LASIK adjustable
wire speculum with 14.5mm blades designed to provide maximum exposure of the globe for superior LASIK procedure. Open blade design avoids interference of the blades with microkeratome.
Wire Speculum
with 13.5mm long blades specially designed for temporal approaching cataract surgery.
Reversible lid speculum
with 12.5mm blades. When fully open, the wide clearance between blades facilitates accomodation of the microkeratome vacuum ring during LASIK surgery.
Lieberman LASIK solid speculum with 12.5mm blades. Thinner, solid blades occupy less space under the lid and keep lashes out of the surgeon's way.
Lindstrom-Chu aspirating speculum with 14.5mm blades. Designed to prevent pooling of excess BSS from eyelid margins through continuous aspiration. Ideal for left nasal clear corneal surgery where pooling may be a problem.


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